Trinity Wellness Services

Trinity Wellness Services

Premier Cryotherapy Treatments in Pensacola, FL


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At Trinity Wellness, we stand out as the first-of-its-kind cryotherapy spa in the Pensacola area. Our team comprises experienced healthcare professionals, including nurses, estheticians, and medical directors, ensuring top-notch care and expertise in every session.

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What Our Clients are Saying...

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The facials are like no other experience; the blemishes were lessened immensely after only one. Such an amazing self care option awaits you and the professionals make it all the best!

- Songbird R.

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Beautiful staff, beautiful atmosphere and beautiful intentions behind this business! grateful for having the non invasive option for beauty and lymphatic drainage!

- Paige W.

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This place is AWESOME!! So peaceful and the staff is so friendly! The cryo is amazing! Treat yourself! If you have pain, wrinkles, loose skin, extra weight…you need cryo!

- Sarah M.